Commercial Real Estate Transactions in Oklahoma – Oklahoma Attorney’s Guide

Commercial real estate is an excellent investment in Oklahoma. See the Avenue Legal Group guide and contact us for help on your next commercial transaction.

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Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act – Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Exemptions for Sellers of Residential Properties

Residential home sales in Oklahoma must comply with the RPCDA, or the sellers may be liable for undisclosed issues. Here’s a helpful guide on what disclosure is required.

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Oklahoma Real Estate Contract Forms

Looking for a standard basic real estate contract to buy or sell a home in Oklahoma? Here’s all the links you need, plus our contact information if you need help with your transaction.

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Real Estate Sale Closings – Oklahoma Property Transactions

Looking for a real estate attorney who can close your transaction in Oklahoma? See our range of services and contact us today.

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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Transactions in Oklahoma

Guide to FSBO real estate transactions in Oklahoma. Need help with a document review or contract drafting? Contact us today.

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Partition – How to Force a Sale of Co-Owned Property in Oklahoma

What happens when co-owners of real estate no longer wish to co-own property in Oklahoma? Fortunately, Oklahoma statutes allow an owner of real estate, even if they only own a small percentage of the property, to force a sale of the co-owned property in court.

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Estate Plans in Oklahoma – How to Avoid Probate

Creating an estate plan is essential to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones who survive you. Here’s a general guide to estate planning in Oklahoma.

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Tax Sale Quiet Title

Tax sale quiet titles are shorter, faster, and usually cheaper quiet title lawsuits aimed at resolving possible issues from one event, a county treasurer auction, known as a tax sale.

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Real Estate Due Diligence

All buyers of real estate should conduct sufficient due diligence because it is highly unlikely that a court will reverse or undo a real estate transaction once closed. Here are the different types of common due diligence, particularly in Oklahoma.

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Quiet Title Actions in Oklahoma – Explained by Real Estate Attorney

An explanation of quiet title actions/lawsuits in Oklahoma, including reasons why one may be necessary, the different types, recovering attorney fees, and timing.

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