Transfer on Death Deeds

Oklahoma allows residential property owners to avoid probate for their largest asset (home) with a simple deed filing. A transfer on death deed is exactly what it sounds like, and decides who will become the new owner of a property after the current owner passes.

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Inheriting a House with Siblings

Get experienced help with inherited real estate issues in Oklahoma.

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Mortgage Recast vs. Refinance

Learn the difference between two common mortgage arrangements: the recast and the refinance.

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Tenant Estoppel Certificates Explained

Learn how to use a tenant estoppel certificate in Oklahoma real estate transactions.

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Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreements

Use and enforceability of NDAs in Oklahoma real estate.

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Protecting Privacy in Real Estate

Explanation of the most effective strategies for protecting your privacy in public real estate records.

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Real Estate Contract Contingencies

Overview of common Oklahoma real estate contract contingencies and their legal effects.

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Memorandum of Contract

What is a memorandum of contract in real estate and how do I use it?

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OREC Form Contract Updates 2024

Guide to 2024 OREC form contract updates.

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Assignment of Rents & Leases

A helpful guide to real estate assignments of rents and leases.

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