Our Core Competencies Include


We handle all stages of commercial transactions and residential transactions. We review contracts, prepare letters of intent, draft purchase, and sale agreements, draft promissory notes and mortgage loan documents, negotiate terms, conduct due diligence, fix title issues, and more. Prefer to skip the title company? Avenue Legal Group can even hold escrow funds and close your transaction in our office (or remotely).


We advise and correct commercial and residential landlord and tenant matters of all types. Our clients’ most common needs are evictions, claims for tenant damage, review of property management contracts, lease terminations, and litigation concerning commercial lease disputes.

Partition and Co-Ownership

What happens when you no longer want to own that home or land with another person? Oklahoma law has provisions for terminating co-ownership of real estate. We are experienced at partitioning property by private agreement, co-owner buyout, or through court procedures to force opposing parties to sell the co-owned property.

Residential Property Condition Disclosure

Residential home sellers have obligations to disclose certain property conditions in Oklahoma. We advise buyers, sellers, and agents on these disclosures before or during transactions, as well as represent parties in disclosure-related litigation.

Title Issues

We offer predictable and affordable legal services fees for quiet title actions, easements, boundary fence encroachments, trespasses, liens, land use, water rights, and zoning matters.

Personal Property

We can help with your transfer, sale, taxation, registration, and title issues for RVs, mobile homes and manufactured homes, boats, and car titles.

Probate and Ancillary Probate

Sometimes family members pass before transferring title to their property; when this happens, a probate action is usually required. When the deceased person was not an Oklahoma resident but had property in Oklahoma, their assets typically require an ancillary probate. Our full-service firm will help save you time, money, and frustration by swiftly and effectively probating single assets, wills, and full estates.

Manufactured Housing Communities

MHCs are unique businesses under Oklahoma law and not many firms have the knowledge and experience required to help. Our attorneys can help your MHC at any stage of the business, whether you’re planning a new community or you’ve acquired a community which needs updating and compliance.


Homeowners association and property owners association issues can be complicated to navigate. We represent both associations and homeowners in entity governance, voting, covenant and enforcement, and governing document amendment matters.