Commercial Lease Disputes

Overview of commercial lease disputes and common issues in CRE leasing.

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Seller Finance Default and Foreclosure

An overview of the ins-and-outs of seller financing transactions, defaults, and foreclosure in Oklahoma.

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Mortgage Foreclosure in Oklahoma

Concise guide to mortgage foreclosure processes and FAQs in Oklahoma.

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Breach of Contract in Real Estate

How to navigate real estate contract disputes for breach of contract issues.

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The Need for Written Hunting Leases

A written hunting lease is essential for protecting both landowners and hunters.

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Create, Remove, and Enforce Judgment Liens

Oklahoma has unique rules when it comes to judgment liens. Here’s a helpful guide to answer all of your lien questions.

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Real Estate Contract Review

Real estate contract reviews are a crucial and integral tool for any party to a real estate transaction.

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Subject To Real Estate Transactions

Everything you need to know about “subject to” real estate deals.

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Commercial Property Eviction Guide

The essential guide for commercial real estate evictions, with step-by-step explanation of the standard process and common issues.

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Letter of Intent in Real Estate Transactions

An LOI can be an extremely helpful tool in real estate transactions and leasing, especially commercial deals. Learn more about suggested terms and how to use an LOI.

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