Quiet Title Actions in Oklahoma – Explained by Real Estate Attorney

An explanation of quiet title actions/lawsuits in Oklahoma, including reasons why one may be necessary, the different types, recovering attorney fees, and timing.

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Oklahoma Mobile (Manufactured) Home Guide

Oklahoma mobile and manufactured home law is different than many other states and can be complex to navigate. Here is a guide to some of the biggest issues we see with these structures.

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Selling a Mobile Home and Land in the Same Transaction in Oklahoma

Mobile and manufactured homes are frequently sold together with the land on which the homes are placed. This type of transaction is allowed in Oklahoma, but parties should be careful that significant title and tax issues are not created.

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Oklahoma Limited Liability Company (LLC) Guide

The most popular form of business entity for most companies today is the limited liability company, or LLC. Avenue Legal Group has prepared a helpful guide for the ins-and-outs of how to form and protect an LLC in Oklahoma.

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Announcing Avenue Legal Group

Announcing Avenue Legal Group, a full-service, property-focused firm specifically designed to
serve clients with real estate issues big and small across the State of Oklahoma. Learn more about our firm.

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