Creating a Trust in Oklahoma

Concise overview of how to create a trust and required trust documentation.

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Oklahoma Land Trusts Guide

A guide to land trusts in Oklahoma, with FAQs and how to create a trust.

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Oklahoma Homestead Exemptions Explained

Guide to the two meanings of “homestead exemption” in Oklahoma.

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Asset Protection for Your Primary Residence

Primary residences deserve more protection than other investments. Here are quick strategies and tips for asset protection of primary residences in Oklahoma.

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Real Estate Sale Out of Probate (239 Sale)

Property can be sold while probate is still ongoing – often the fastest sale option when probate is required. A 239 sale is also needed to determine who can close the sale on behalf of an owner who dies before closing. Beware when buying a 239 sale property – the probate orders must include the correct language.

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Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act – Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Exemptions for Sellers of Residential Properties

Residential home sales in Oklahoma must comply with the RPCDA, or the sellers may be liable for undisclosed issues. Here’s a helpful guide on what disclosure is required.

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Partition – How to Force a Sale of Co-Owned Property in Oklahoma

What happens when co-owners of real estate no longer wish to co-own property in Oklahoma? Fortunately, Oklahoma statutes allow an owner of real estate, even if they only own a small percentage of the property, to force a sale of the co-owned property in court.

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Picking a Trustee, Estate Administrator, Executor, or Personal Representative in Oklahoma 

Deciding who will take care of your affairs after your passing requires careful consideration. If you will be a trustee or administrator, be sure you understand what it takes.

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Guide to Probate in Oklahoma

Having to probate a loved one’s estate can be a stressful feeling if you don’t know where to turn or what to do. Avenue Legal Group can help with any and all stages of probate in every county in Oklahoma.

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Estate Plans in Oklahoma – How to Avoid Probate

Creating an estate plan is essential to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones who survive you. Here’s a general guide to estate planning in Oklahoma.

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