Want to transfer ownership of your real estate to a family member or a wholly-owned LLC? Don’t need title insurance? Are you looking to complete a fast transaction closing but don’t want to wait on title insurance companies to make space for you in their overbooked schedule? Want title insurance but prefer to close through a trusted, local real estate attorney? 

Our firm offers full service transaction support for both residential and commercial transactions. We can also typically provide a predictable flat fee rate for property purchase and sale closing services for most transactions. 

We are experienced in all aspects of whatever your transaction might require: 

  • Holding escrow funds or earnest money
  • Reviewing title reports and commitments for title insurance
  • Preparing transaction documents (mortgages, promissory notes, deeds, easements, documentary stamp tax affidavits, etc.), 
  • Curing title defects through filings, recordings, quiet titles, or other methods
  • Hosting in-office closings or remote closings 

We have advised clients in a wide range of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, leveraged finance and asset-based lending, uniquely financed transactions, and routinely advise on business structures to help our clients protect and grow their assets. Contact Avenue Legal Group today to discuss your current or upcoming transaction.



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