Get honest, quick, and effective feedback on your real estate contract or transaction from an Oklahoma real estate attorney.

Real estate transactions are some of your biggest purchases in life. Ensuring that your contracts are structured correctly and that you’re protected throughout the transaction and after closing is absolutely essential. Whether you’re entering into a lease agreement, purchasing a property, or entering a co-owner buyout agreement, having an experienced and skilled real estate attorney review your contracts can provide the peace of mind you need.

Our real estate contract reviews are specifically designed to be cost-effective, have a fast turnaround time, and provide significant protection for our clients while reducing the stress and worry for each deal.

How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Real estate contracts are legally binding agreements that define the rights of the parties and bind all stakeholders to payment terms; if the terms are not drafted in a way that protects you, an attorney that reviews hundreds of contracts per year will be able to examine your contracts, advise you of the risks, and help you avoid costly mistakes or disputes.

The Oklahoma Bar Association has provided a helpful guide to common legal issues in home buying in Oklahoma, and ultimately recommends that buyers seek the advice of an attorney before signing a home buying contract.

What Types of Contracts Need Reviews

Agreements for the transfer of any interest in real estate must be in writing to be enforceable in Oklahoma – this rule is known as the “statute of frauds”. Our firm sees all types of written agreements related to real estate, whether that’s a residential lease, commercial lease, rent-to-own agreement, lease-to-own agreement, subject-to transaction, for sale by owner (FSBO) transaction, seller finance transaction, residential purchase and sale contract, commercial purchase and sale contract, letter of intent, co-owner buyout agreement, and more.

Who Typically Hires the Attorney?

We frequently work with real estate investors, real estate professionals such as licensed brokers or agents or realtors, as well as any individual who has a need for a trusted and experienced real estate law firm to review their agreement or represent them in court.

What About Disputes?

Our firm is a full service real estate firm, meaning we handle both transactions and disputes related to real estate. We frequently work with clients who have a boundary fence encroachment issue, co-ownership dispute or partition, title or ownership dispute, and any other type of real estate dispute.

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Looking for local counsel in Oklahoma for a real estate transaction or dispute? Want a peace of mind review or representation from an Oklahoma real estate attorney? We frequently work with agents, brokers, investors, attorneys, accountants, lenders, and other stakeholders from outside the state and operate as local counsel.



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