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Many residential home owners do not want to use a real estate agent for a variety of reasons; some want to keep the proceeds of the sale rather than pay a commission, while others already have a buyer lined up and don’t really need to market their property to the public. These transactions are often referred to in the industry as “for sale by owner” or “FSBO.” 

Avenue Legal Group provides a wide range of services to FSBO sellers and buyers in every county in the State of Oklahoma. Since most transaction-related services can be completed by phone and email without the need for in-person meetings, we advise clients on deals anywhere in the state. Our clients frequently want an experienced legal team with a significant number of transactions closed and completed, and do not want to have to rely on the local attorney who is likely not as knowledgeable with this type of dealing. 

Some of the most popular services that we provide most often to FSBO parties are: 

See our all-encompassing and cross-referenced article about residential transactions for more information about residential deals generally. We also represent parties in commercial transactions throughout Oklahoma. 

Avenue Legal Group is experienced navigating all stages of real estate transactions of all types and sizes. Contact our firm to discuss how we can help with your purchase and sale.



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