Commercial Lease Disputes

Overview of commercial lease disputes and common issues in CRE leasing.

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Seller Finance Default and Foreclosure

An overview of the ins-and-outs of seller financing transactions, defaults, and foreclosure in Oklahoma.

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Down Payment Gift Rules in Oklahoma

What is a down payment gift and how do I properly document it?

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Mortgage Foreclosure in Oklahoma

Concise guide to mortgage foreclosure processes and FAQs in Oklahoma.

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Private Property Trespass in Oklahoma

A helpful overview of Oklahoma trespass rules and issues.

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Fence Line Encroachment Oklahoma

What happens when a boundary fence is in the wrong place? Here’s a helpful tutorial on fence line encroachment in Oklahoma.

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Breach of Contract in Real Estate

How to navigate real estate contract disputes for breach of contract issues.

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The Need for Written Hunting Leases

A written hunting lease is essential for protecting both landowners and hunters.

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Oklahoma Land Trusts Guide

A guide to land trusts in Oklahoma, with FAQs and how to create a trust.

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Oklahoma Homestead Exemptions Explained

Guide to the two meanings of “homestead exemption” in Oklahoma.

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