Looking for general information about a quiet title action? See our article on quiet title actions as explained by a real estate attorney. For information about county property tax resale auctions, see below.

What is a tax sale quiet title?

This is a specific type of quiet title action aims to correct the status of real estate title for a specific event – a county tax assessor or county treasurer resale auction, usually known as a tax sale. 

What is the difference between a tax sale quiet title and a general quiet title?

A “quiet title” action is a general term for a type of lawsuit which is filed in the county where a parcel of real property is located; the general goal for a quiet title is to obtain a court order which corrects issues with the property’s chain of title. A tax sale quiet title is a usually a quicker and smaller undertaking to prevent the pre-tax sale owners of the property from having lingering claims of ownership of the property in perpetuity. 

How long does a tax sale quite title action take in Oklahoma?

Most of the time, judgment granting “clear” title can be obtained within 60-90 days or less. However, all quiet title lawsuits are classified as litigation and can be contested by the named parties or anyone interested in the property that is the subject of the quiet title action; contested cases usually take more time to resolve.

Do I need a tax sale quiet title action?  Is it required?

Quiet title lawsuits help restore the legal title of a property to be acceptable for transferring to a new owner, often called “marketability”. Almost every property bought at a county tax resale auction will require a quiet title before the property can be sold. Even for buyers who plan to hold onto the property and don’t plan to sell anytime soon, a quiet title will eventually be required and will be both more expensive and harder to complete if not done relatively quickly after the auction.

Our firm can help you determine whether you need a tax sale quiet title. Sometimes, we can recommend that our clients not file a quiet title action, but the property’s title record determines what may be necessary or advisable. If your title company or our firm find an issue which requires a quiet title action to be completed, we can take quick action to begin resolving the problem.

What if I do not finish a tax sale quiet title action?

Some tax sale auction buyers will not start or complete their quiet title action. Many years after the tax sale is completed and the sheriff’s deed is recorded, the property’s title may be deemed cured or otherwise satisfactory for secondary marketability; before this time, any investment in the property by the tax sale auction buyers is subject to a claim by the prior owners.

Depending on the title company who handles the subsequent transaction, the passing of time alone may not cure the technical title defect in the chain of title for a tax sale property. 

The Oklahoma County Treasurer hosts the largest tax resale in the state each year. The treasurer’s office issues an annual warning that the tax sale is a buyer beware sale, and recommends a post-tax sale quiet title action in order to obtain marketable title.

What is the cost of a tax sale quiet titles?

Typical costs for a single property tax sale quiet title action start at $2750 and increase for location, complexity, number of defendants, and other factors. In some cases, we may be able to defer some or all of our firm’s payment until the quiet title is complete or the property is sold. Our firm always provides easy-to-understand flat fee rates for tax sale quiet title actions.

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