Guide to Earnest Money in Oklahoma Real Estate Transactions

What amount of earnest money is acceptable for your transaction? Who holds the funds? Can I get my earnest money back? Here’s a helpful guide.

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Residential Real Estate Transactions in Oklahoma – Everything You Need to Know

See our full residential real estate transaction guide. If you are buying or selling a home in Oklahoma, be sure to review our tips first.

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How to Terminate an Oklahoma Real Estate Contract

Looking to terminate your real estate purchase agreement in Oklahoma? Trying to determine whether your opposing party has the right to terminate? Here’s a helpful guide.

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Commercial Real Estate Transactions in Oklahoma – Oklahoma Attorney’s Guide

Commercial real estate is an excellent investment in Oklahoma. See the Avenue Legal Group guide and contact us for help on your next commercial transaction.

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Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act – Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Exemptions for Sellers of Residential Properties

Residential home sales in Oklahoma must comply with the RPCDA, or the sellers may be liable for undisclosed issues. Here’s a helpful guide on what disclosure is required.

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Oklahoma Real Estate Contract Forms

Looking for a standard basic real estate contract to buy or sell a home in Oklahoma? Here’s all the links you need, plus our contact information if you need help with your transaction.

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Real Estate Sale Closings – Oklahoma Property Transactions

Looking for a real estate attorney who can close your transaction in Oklahoma? See our range of services and contact us today.

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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Transactions in Oklahoma

Guide to FSBO real estate transactions in Oklahoma. Need help with a document review or contract drafting? Contact us today.

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Partition – How to Force a Sale of Co-Owned Property in Oklahoma

What happens when co-owners of real estate no longer wish to co-own property in Oklahoma? Fortunately, Oklahoma statutes allow an owner of real estate, even if they only own a small percentage of the property, to force a sale of the co-owned property in court.

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Estate Plans in Oklahoma – How to Avoid Probate

Creating an estate plan is essential to protect your assets and provide for your loved ones who survive you. Here’s a general guide to estate planning in Oklahoma.

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