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Commercial Property Eviction Guide

The essential guide for commercial real estate evictions, with step-by-step explanation of the standard process and common issues.

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Letter of Intent in Real Estate Transactions

An LOI can be an extremely helpful tool in real estate transactions and leasing, especially commercial deals. Learn more about suggested terms and how to use an LOI.

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Essential Commercial Lease Agreement Terms in Oklahoma

Commercial properties pose a substantially different challenge for landlords and tenants, but each party to a commercial lease should be extremely careful to protect themselves by having proper written lease terms.

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What To Do After Buying Real Estate at Tax Sale in Oklahoma

Experienced real estate law firm’s guide to tax sale quiet title actions in Oklahoma.

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Handling Tenant Abandoned Personal Property 

How to handle personal belongings and property that is left behind by tenants at the conclusion of a lease and tenancy.

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Landlord-Tenant Law Update: 2021 Repair and Deduct Statute

Learn about the 2021 Oklahoma “repair and deduct” law update and how it affects landlords and tenants.

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Oklahoma Residential Lease Terms Guide

Know which residential lease terms are enforceable in Oklahoma courts, and which terms violate state law.

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Oklahoma Residential Eviction Guide

The definitive guide for Oklahoma residential evictions.

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Updating Manufactured Home Community Rules

Updating community guidelines for tenants is an excellent method for increasing MHC landlord/owner value. Find out how.

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Asset Protection for Your Primary Residence

Primary residences deserve more protection than other investments. Here are quick strategies and tips for asset protection of primary residences in Oklahoma.

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