Welcome to Avenue Legal Group, a full-service, property-focused firm specifically designed to
serve clients with real estate issues big and small across the State of Oklahoma. Our typical
clients include individual property owners with simple or complex problems, agents, brokers,
wholesalers, investors, landlords, developers, builders, homeowner associations, manufactured
housing communities, and more. We aim to be the go-to resource for property matters
throughout every county in the state.

What We Do:
We are here to help when legal issues arise in real estate and business – but what we really
enjoy is keeping you out of those issues in the first place by thoughtful, simple legal planning.
Having handled countless residential and commercial transactions with millions at stake in any
given deal, we have the targeted experience you need on your team. Our other practice areas
typically involve real estate as well; we represent business, draft or update wills, trusts, and
estate plan documents, handle and probates of all types.

How We Work:

  • We are quick to get your process moving. We know that most of the time we have to wait on the other party for quite a while or must wait for relevant statutes to be satisfied. 
  • We are accessible by text. You’ve already got your phone in your hand, so we’ve built the ability to correspond by text message into our primary communication methods. 
  • We are focused on providing exceptional client service and tangible results.
  • We aren’t everything to everyone. We do a limited number of related things as well as we can.

Most Popular Services:

Across all clients, our most popular services include: real estate contract reviews and advising
(residential and commercial), quiet title lawsuits, property-related litigation, preparing and
updating estate plan documents (basic wills, pourover wills, family trusts, health care directives
and powers of attorney), and landlord-tenant issue advising. 

For real estate investors, our most popular services include: quiet title lawsuits, contract review
and transaction advising, and navigating property management company transitions, sales, and

For real estate agents and brokers, our most popular services include: quiet title lawsuits,
handling complicated closing or contract termination issues, training agents/teams on common
legal issues in real estate transactions, navigating client representation issues and OREC/OAR

For property managers, our most popular services include: evicting tenants, claims against
tenants for property damage, navigating complicated lease contract issues, and representation
in property management contract transitions and company sales. 

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